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About me...

Wobbz Custom Art is essentially me, Richard Pugh, working full time, customizing bikes with art....for bikers. There's little I haven't done in the past thirty years...and with a good thirty years of custom art ahead of me, I welcome commissions from bike lovers around the country.

Based in the West Midlands, I take on custom paint work for companies and individuals. Work comes in all shapes and sizes ; from authentic, heritage styling to bespoke designs and personalisation.


Themed work often involves complete bike frame projects, where a striped down frame is turned into a piece of living art.

A popular commission is often the replication of original logos and lettering on vintage bikes. Decals and vinyls often look wrong, so a handcrafted finish is the most authentic way to get the right look.

Whatever you're thinking ; whatever takes your fancy, we can make it happen.

Please call me or contact me via this site and we can take it from there. You'll be in safe hands. I don't dissapoint :-)


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